Living as Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams

Living as Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams
on We Are Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams

Take a moment to think about this: to be here, breathing, living, and experiencing life today, you are the result of a powerful lineage dating back at least 400 years.

Consider the math. You needed 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 second great-grandparents, and so on. By the time we reach 12 generations back, you needed an astonishing 4096 ancestors. Each and every one of them had a role in creating the person you are today.

Each of these individuals lived through moments of joy and pain, love and heartbreak, triumph and struggle. For a Black person alive today, this legacy is an indomitable testament to the stock from which we come.

Our ancestors navigated a world often hostile and cruel. They persevered through the horrors of slavery, the injustices of segregation, and countless forms of discrimination. They fought for their rights, for dignity, for a better future for the generations to come. They survived, they thrived, they loved, they dreamed. And here you are - their dream realized.

Next time life feels too hard to bear, remember where you come from. You are the living, breathing testament to 400 years of resilience and courage, strength and love. You carry in you the legacy of thousands, a legacy that can empower you to overcome anything that life throws your way. You are here because you come from the strongest, the bravest, and the most resilient.

Embrace the power of your history. Your ancestors didn't just survive, they thrived so that you could be here today. Remember their strength the next time you face a challenge.

We owe it to the ones who came before us to keep pushing forward, to keep fighting for justice, and to keep making the world a better place. And just as they did, we will pave the way for the generations yet to come.
Affirmative Action's Unraveling
Affirmative Action's Unraveling

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